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Turbinators ® – E-bike motor heat sinks, designed for the fastest ebikes on the planet. Greater efficiency( over 28%) than other heat sinks on the market, 50% larger heat exchange surface, larger contact area with the motor + the function of drawing air streams directly towards the core. Turbinators ®, protected by international patent law, guarantee lower engine heating, higher current-voltage efficiency and significantly higher performance of your electric vehicle.

Heat sink type: Typical radiator
Width: 15mm 22,5mm (+50% więcej)
Height: 35mm 40,5mm
Chamfering for spokes: NO YES
Thermal paste: NO (Extra fee) YES (In set, FOC)
Side profile: Linear Arched – towards air into the core
Base profile: Angular, requiring pressure Perfect for motor diameter
Heat exchange surface with the core housing about 97cm2 requiring pressure about 145cm2
Mounting method: bolts and nuts screws and self-locking nuts
Aluminum alloy (series) 6XXX 7XXX
Anodizing YES. A warm bath YES. Cold bath (longer anode life)
Core cooling efficiency
at 266°F (130°C) :
223°F (106°C) 180°F(82°C)


Turbinators ® are designed for motors:

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  • QS 205 50H V1, V2, V3
  • QS 205 40H
  • QS 205 35H
  • QS 205 30H
  • MXUS & Nine Continent clones
  • LEAF
  • Crystalyte 35XX series

In set for one e-bike motor:

  • 6 turbinators
  • a set of assembly screws with self-locking nuts.
  • thermally conductive paste
  • stickers

When You using Turbinators ®, it is not necessary to flood the engine with ferrofluid, but we recommend this option to further increase engine performance. We strongly do not recommend powder painting of Turbinators ® in other colors as this will significantly reduce their performance. Turbinators ® are anodized in the so-called cold bath, which has the highest resistance to mechanical damage and heat dissipation.

Turbinators ® is an original product, protected by a patent and law.

Turbinators® are proudly used in Fastest Ebike series – BearEbike Russell !

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QS205 All models, MXUS 3K Turbo, MXUS Other, Leaf, Crystallyte 35XX series, Nine Continent 9C, 9C Clones, CROMOTOR


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