QS205 50H V3 Titanium – 5T (28×5) REWIRED


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Motor type: 28×5, under 36 spokes, number of magnets: 32 (16 pairs)
Nominal power: 3000W at 60V
Supply voltage: 24-120V
Maximum continuous current: 130A
Maximum continuous power: up to 6000W (~ 100A-130A)
Maximum instantaneous power: up to 7000W (150A-170A)
Speed: 10Kv, about 0.9km / h for every 1V power supply for a 19 “MOTO wheel
Maximum torque:> 200Nm
Number of revolutions per minute: 650 RPM at 72V (information to be read on the motor cover) = coil: 28x5T
Weight: 14 kg
Fork spacing (dropout): 145-150mm
Sensor: yes, 2 sets of hall sensors + 2 KTY83 sensors
Slow running assembly: classic, 1-5 sec
Waterproof class: IP65
Ferrofluid: YES
Sealed: YES

What is not covered by the warranty?
Does not include in the case of:
– Installation or maintenance errors
– Thermal damage (overheating)
– Modification / interference with the housing of the device
– Modifications / changes inside the device

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Weight 14 kg