QS205 50H V3 Titanium – 4T (30×4) Sealed with Ferrofluid


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Motor type: 30×4, under 36 spokes, number of magnets: 32 (16 pairs)
Nominal power: 3000W at 60V
Supply voltage: 24-120V
Maximum continuous current: 80A
Maximum continuous power: up to 6000W (~ 60-80A)
Maximum instantaneous power: up to 8000W (90-100A)
Speed: 10Kv, about 0.9km / h for every 1V power supply for a 19 “MOTO wheel
Maximum torque:> 150Nm
Number of revolutions per minute: 820 RPM at 72V (information to be read on the motor cover) = coil: 30x4T
Weight: 14 kg
Fork spacing (dropout): 145-150mm
Sensor: yes, 2 sets of hall sensors + 2 KTY83 sensors
Slow running assembly: classic, 1-5 sec
Waterproof class: IP65
Ferrofluid: YES

Sealed: YES

Motor winding QS 205 v3 3000W (30×4)
The 30×4 version of the winding replaced the older 24×5 model. Thanks to a 25% thicker winding, the motor achieves higher speed. It heats up less under heavy loads, thanks to which it allows you to go further and more dynamically. We recommend mounting this motor in a 19×1.4 “or 18×1.6” rim and a light 3.0 “tire.

What is not covered by the warranty?
Does not include in the case of:
– Installation or maintenance errors
– Thermal damage (overheating)
– Modification / interference with the housing of the device
– Modifications / changes inside the device

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Weight 14 kg