BearEbike QS205 50H Spec R


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Unique Features of BearEbike QS205 Spec R Motor:

  • Rewired motor. Motor 5 × 28 or 6 × 23. Increased cross-section and number of turns. Polish copper of the highest quality class. Thermal resistance up to 180 ° C, insulation resistance up to 280 ° C, welded phase conductors, lower thermal expansion coefficient.
  • Halotrons with working temperature up to 180 ° C
  • Hardened motor shaft made of one steel block, harder by 20 points on the RockWell scale, allowing for the passage of phase conductors of larger diameter
  • Radiation enclosures with the so-called forged aluminum – increasing the heat transfer area of ​​the motor winding. They have a larger number of mixing lamellas, redesigned bearing seats and simmerings compared to a typical QS205 engine. They dramatically increase the thermal efficiency. Anodized housings in the so-called cold bath.
  • Replaced with the highest class sealed bearings. Better sealing class and greater resistance to skew loads
  • The mentioned double-lip seals with a larger diameter and a better class of elastomer. Less thermal expansion, better sealing and higher resistance to external factors
  • Turbinators – 6 heat sinks mounted exactly to the engine housing. Turbinators are made of 7000 series aluminum, which guarantees the highest durability and thermal parameters. Turbinators anodized in the so-called cold bath.
  • The engine is flooded with Ferrofluid – a ferromagnetic fluid, which is a heat exchanger between the winding and the rotor of the engine. The fluid invented in 1960. by NASA for the Mercury 1 program for the safe transport of rocket fuel in zero gravity.
  • Completely sealed motor – the risk of water ingress is kept to an absolute minimum
  • Larger diameter phase conductors – enabling safe transfer of the highest currents

The engine is recommended for the most powerful ILS and ASI controllers.

We also offer the service of lathing the motor into any motorcycle rim from 16 ″ to 21 ″. We provide the wheel braiding service on site.